PEGAS Steel is a combination of precise approach and innovative ideals – not a single extra metal part, new development and high quality under affordable price!

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  New bottle fixing mechanism – 30 000 dispensing cycles and not a single malfunction

Open construction of bottle fixing mechanism eliminates sticking when beer dries out and easy to wash, it is guaranteed to withstand more than 30 000 beer dispensing cycles. Two bottle fixing handle positions (left and right) will lets you install 2 dispenser on one beer tower, this letting you have 2 beers at once.

  Dispensing with one handle: СО2 – push the handle forward,  beer- push the handle towards you

PEGAS Steel is made from durable metal materials – brass and steel, and is build on the principles of beer tap  –with minimum of spare parts and actions you have to take while dispensing. New type of pressure release valve will let you set maximum speed in a short and precise manner. catridge .

   Connecting to any beer tower or wall in less than 15 minutes

PEGAS Steel  can be installed on any beer tower or wall in any establishment, bar or store in less than 15 minutes! Shank design will let you mount it precisely and fast.


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