PEGAS offers a new winning way of draught beer sales

  PEGAS creates a new ’in-between’ format of beer trade, the service combining traditional ’on-premise’ and ’off-premise’ trade. For consumers it means enjoying fresh draught beer in or outdoors. For beer sellers it means serving draught beer in retail outlets for take-away.

 PEGAS™ bottle-fillers are designed to bring benefits to all members of the beer market.


PEGAS creates a new market segment

 Large beer producers now have only two ways of distributing beer: supplying bottled beer for take-home trade and supplying draught beer for on-premise trade. PEGAS systems can help to create a new market segment– take-home draught beer trade. Supplying keg beer to supermarkets, liquor stores, pubs and bars for off-site consumption can become an effective way of increasing draught beer sales.

PEGAS offers a winning way of promoting beer brands

 Russian markets serve as the brightest example of a highly-developed system of draught beer stores. This take-home draught beer trade can be viewed as an alternative way of selling beer in the countries where only traditional ‘on-premise’ and ‘off-premise’ trade exist. Introduction of a new beer trade format will allow beer producers to attract additional customer attention to their beer brands.

PEGAS reduces the amount of handling from fermentation to consumer

 PEGAS can be mounted to mobile after-fermentation tanks delivered from breweries to retail outlets. A long and multi-layered way “brewery – beer distributor – retail outlet – end consumer” is reduced to “brewery - end consumer”. PEGAS cuts beer way through beer lines, as a result, harmful influence of oxygen and microorganisms present in beer lines is excluded. Thus, end customers get the opportunity to enjoy premium quality fresh beer in the places where they could buy only pasteurized beer before.


PEGAS offers a new sales channel

 Supply of beer in plastic bottles to liquor stores and supermarkets can become a great opportunity for microbreweries to increase beer sales volume. Microbreweries that do not bottle their beers, supply them to retail in kegs and have only an on-trade license, can do cost-effective manual bottling with the PEGAS™ systems and make their beers available in local supermarkets.

PEGAS increases beer sales volume

 Microbreweries and brewpubs, with an off-trade license, can offer their customers take-out draught beer in plastic bottles. The use of plastic bottles as a take-home container can become a great success on the local market. Microbrewers will satisfy local customers who want to consume draught beers at home and give a chance to sample their beers to visiting customers (tourists, beer distributors, importers of beers, etc.)

PEGAS makes a server’s work easier

 Bottle-filling with the PEGAS systems is a fast and easy process. Foam and speed regulating options allow operators to control the filling process taking into account degree of foaminess of a certain beer sort and its temperature to provide the best filling procedure for the given beer style.


PEGAS brings more profits

 Our analytical research of draught beer market in Novosibirsk, the third largest city in Russia, has shown that the average volume of draft beer sales is 15,000-18,000 liters per retail outlet per month. Retailers have a fixed profit from selling each liter; it means that selling more beer brings higher profits. PEGAS has already won the favor of Russian retailers and continues to stimulate opening of more draught beer points of sales.

PEGAS provides the opportunity to sell a wide range of beverages on tap

 PEGAS allows retailers to sell any carbonated beverages: beer, cider, wine, kvass, lemonade, fizzy juices, mineral water, etc., including especially foamy types, even without preliminary or sufficient chilling. It becomes possible due to the counter-pressure method applied in the PEGAS systems.

PEGAS allows a more effective use of trade areas

 Effective use of trade areas means selling more beverages in less space. In a retail outlet occupying 8-10 sq.m. there can be installed up to 10 PEGAS bottle-fillers and sold up to 10 beer sorts. In a retail outlet occupying 10-20 sq.m. there can be installed up to 30 PEGAS systems and sold up to 30 beer sorts.


PEGAS saves your money

 To bottle beer with the PEGAS you just need to have a keg with beer, a gas bottle and hoses for connecting it all together. You don’t need to buy expensive tapping appliances. Instead, you only need plastic bottles for filling them with beer. Draught beer dispensed on your own in plastic bottles means that you pay for beer, not for branded packages, shelves in the supermarket, TV ads, etc.

PEGAS saves your beer

 PEGAS provides a foam-free bottle-filling. It means your favorite beverage won’t be wasted for foam. You will have foam only in your glass, not when filling the bottle. Besides, PEGAS provides absolutely hygienic filling as there is no contact between the system and the beverage. After dispensing beer in plastic bottles stays fresh up to two weeks. It can be conveniently stored, chilled, and filled into glasses when the time to enjoy it comes.

PEGAS is ideal for all beer drinking occasions

PEGAS brings the great taste of draught beer to a comfortable setting of one’s home and to various drinking occasions outdoors. You can enjoy draught beer at barbecues, birthday parties, sporting events, etc. You can do a preliminary bottling and take any volume of beer in light and safe plastic bottles wherever you go, to have a picnic outside, to celebrate the victory of your favorite football team, etc. Alternatively, you can make a quick set up before a party and serve the beer you want to share with your friends right during the event. You choose what suits you better.